Cell Phones and Teenagers

I remember the first time my mother took me to a store that sold cell phones. And I looked around the store for a while, wondering why I was there, and after about 5 minutes my mother came up to me and told me to pick out a cheap cell phone. She said it would be my birthday in a week and I could pick out one of the phones. How happy I was. Because that was my dream. My best friend already had a cell phone and I was the only one who didn\’t. And I really don\’t understand why I am always the only one with the last one, either in the whole group or in my family.

Mobil chce mít už každý.

Maybe it is my fate. Someone is always first, someone is always last. And it won\’t last forever. But back to the cell phone. I wanted to make my mother really happy, so I chose a really cheap cell phone. It was only a few hundred dollars, but the phone was already very good, and it had a camera. The megapixels were really low and it only took really blocky and ugly pictures, but when my mom said she wanted to give me her dream phone, I thought at least this way.

Všichni chtějí mít mobil.

Besides, I\’m not going to make an expensive phone or anything fancy. And knowing my mother, we don\’t have the money to do that at all. My father didn\’t live with us, and he didn\’t pay for my school or my cell phone. I was really frustrated because I wanted to make things easier on my mother. I didn\’t beg or demand a cell phone, but my mother herself knew I wanted one, so she picked the cheapest one they had in the store. My mother knew that, and as a reward, she increased my credit balance.