Beautiful Italy

Do you like to travel? In recent years, we have learned that more and more people are seeking travel not only for various business trips and business travel, but also primarily for relaxation. And also primarily for relaxation. I belong to the latter. I prefer to find places where I can relax, where I can relax myself, and where I can clear my head. Of course, I also travel at least twice a year.

V Itálii mám ráda i gastronomii.

And even on business trips that usually last five or six days, I always find at least one or at least half a day to relax. My boss has no idea about this and no one cares. This is a good thing. Because if you are on vacation or traveling, of course you need rest, too, because then you can be more productive in your work and in your other jobs. If they are overworked, tired, and their heads are full of worries and other things, they will be less productive at work. I don\’t think that\’s what employers want at all.

V Benátkách jsem byla dvakrát.

Every employer wants their workers and co-workers to be active, on fire, and engaged at work. Of course this is what happens when people are resting and regenerating again, not thinking about trivialities and their own concerns. Some worries can\’t be managed by vacations and travel alone. But at least you can say you did your best. This year I plan to go to Italy. I love Italy and I\’m studying Italian so I want to practice my Italian. At least I\’ll know where I stand, and I really like learning Italian for the fifth year, and I think I\’m pretty good at it.