Android vs iOS

Security and Privacy

Android was previously criticized by many users for its security, but gradually Google has managed to release security patches and fix many problems. However, this is not limited to the security of Android as an individual phone. In fact, it is not so easy to find an inexpensive Android device with a quality fingerprint reader or reliable facial recognition that cannot be bypassed with a photo. In this area, iOS is leading the way. When it comes to privacy, Apple\’s system again leads because Google processes all your data and sends it to its servers for advertising purposes. This is also why Android phones are cheaper than iPhones.Osoba drží iPhone


Apple makes its own hardware and software, and there are countless manufacturers of android phones. Google also has its own phones, but does not offer years of support. In Apple\’s case, you can use a four-year-old model with the latest software, but the argument for Android is the Chinese brands Xiaomi and Huawei, which offer very good equipment at relatively low cost, and if you upgrade to a new model every two years, you can use an iPhone for four years. If you upgrade to a new model every two years, the cost is almost the same as replacing a four-year old iPhone.


In the past, the iPhone was the most powerful machine on the market despite its low RAM, but now competitors are trying to better optimize their systems, and some flagship devices from other manufacturers outperform iOS devices. There is no clear winner in this category, but at least increasing RAM capacity would not hurt Apple.


There are significantly more apps in Google\’s Play Store than in the App Store, but developers are counting on Apple\’s owners being willing to spend money on their programs, so they are willing to pay more for iPhone software programming. Nevertheless, with either system, it is common to find alternatives for almost anything you need. The problem with Apple, however, is that it cannot legally download apps from other sources for security reasons, which can certainly be a disadvantage for some users; Android has more options, but there is no fear of not being able to find an iOS alternative.Stříbrný iPhone 6

ConclusionIf you want a system with better optimization, more emphasis on privacy, but fewer apps and other limitations associated with a closed system, choose iOS. If you need more customizable software and don\’t mind excessive data collection and short support from the manufacturer, choose Android.